The Soda Fountain

I think they just look so sweet sharing their yummy rootbeer float together.

The girl behind the counter at Three Georges on Dauphin Street was so sweet she made the best ice cream floats and topped them with bright red cherries, Lulu ate hers first cherry stem and all then asked if she was suppose to eat it.

Notice the large jar of pickles on the counter, they must get a lot of preggers coming in for ice cream. I'm guilty this was my favorite place when I was expecting baby #1.
The newspaper office use to be around the corner and I would walk here during my lunch break about three times a week and pick up some heavenly hash, caramel pecan turtles and rum cordials.

Via Something Katy

I'm not old enough to remember spending the summer hanging out at the local soda fountain swooming over the gorgeous soda jerk on the other side of the counter but it would have been peachy keen or super swell if I did!


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