Scenes from the Fair

I've been wanting to take the Peas to the Erie County Fair for their whole 25+ years of life collectively, it's been almost that long since I last went. I have such fond memories of working at the fair and exhibiting for 4-H, walking around with my friends and watching the fireworks from my bedroom window every night for the 2 weeks every summer. It was awesome and the kiddos picked the fair as their favorite of the trip. Yea! We had a blast check it out, they even played 9 games of You Got It! Well... we never did get anything but it was fun trying.

My fav shot of the day! Who doesn't like a tall cold glass of Birch Beer? and if you haven't ever tried it it's better than rootbeer and Dr. Pepper combined!

A double decker carousel...I'm in heaven!

All aboard the crazy train

It was FUN hope to see you again soon old friend.

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