Pizza! Pizza!

  I've been noticing lately that the preteen years are upon us. Lulu was totally against having her photo taken with Little Caesar and with a lot of coaxing from the siblings she agreed to stand next to him her for 2 seconds, it was actually a Caesarette sweating inside of there on the hottest day yet with record heat index around 110-115 degrees. But she looks happy! 
It was their grand opening so I treated them with some pizzeria pizza they were so excited and got free graham cracker cookies in fun Little Caesar shapes to boot.

**If you haven't noticed yet the kiddos will pretty much be wearing the same clothes for the next 5 blog posts, our 2 week old washer broke (it's another bummer Maytag) so we went ahead and packed all our clean clothes so we'll have something for our trip and don't stink up the van.**

Then Little E tried to play a trick on her sisters pretending that she got a hair cut, even though it was just pinned up to look like it. I think bangs make her eyes look even bigger, didn't think that was possible and freaky.


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