The Haircut

I love my boy with long hair, I don't even mind that 90% of people call him a girl and personally I think he just looked like a surfer boy with long hair but the other day Buddy decided he wanted his hair cut after 4 years of having it shoulder length and I agreed. 

I can't say I like his hair short because for some reason now for the first time ever I think he looks like a girl!!!!....with short hair of course. UGH! Never have I seen that he looked like a girl he definitely doesn't act like one and his sisters are the first to let anyone know that he is all boy, he's rough, he likes to pick fights and his brain just doesn't seem to be wired the same way as the other three. 
But he's sweet and my buddy and will make some lucky girl very happy many many years from now and a special thanks to my friend Michelle who took time out of her morning to tame his mane. 


  1. wow.. what a change :) I bet he grew it out again!?

  2. never let others tell typecast your boy. plenty of guys have longer hair. can you just imagine if someone told girls to all wear the same or similar style dress they'd never stand for it and guys should man up so to speak to anyone who harasses them about how long their hair is worn. kid looks good with long hair many boys/guys do.


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