Fantasy Island by phone...

No camera's here just fun but I snapped a few with the phone to remember the day, it's not an iphone so no cool photo apps so I made them a bit more hip in photoshop. 
You would think My Buddy's been riding carousels unassisted since 10 months old by his death grip, a little scared but still loves them. He looks ultra cool on the Red Baron though and I still can't believe these are the same rides I rode nearly 30 years ago. 

 Fantasy Island in Grand Island,NY turned 50! this year. 


Glad to the old tyme parks still making it.

 No crying on the FEE-FI-FO-FUM this year just a whole lot of FEE-FI-FO-FUN!

 I don't know what I'll do when they become teenagers. There was some crazy driving nascar style that day.

 Who doesn't enjoy a canoe trip around a picturesque lake on a beautiful afternoon?

Apparently my sis who had a bad experience on one in Girl Scouts Camp way back when, thanks for the laugh, I didn't know canoes could travel sideways and I heard Little E was in fear for her life and to be fair to my sister I'll admit embarrassingly that I might have uttered the words I'll going to die when we rode the Crazy Mouse rollercoaster , I don't think it was a "kiddy ride" that's all I'm saying.


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