Banana Bubbles

The Peas spent the afternoon talking, laughing and playing bubbles with their Great-Grandmother Banana as they lovingly call her (since her name rhymes with that yellow fruit). I don't know who had more fun and doesn't she look smashing for spending over 3/4 of a century here! 
I don't know if its the lack on sunshine in Buffalo or good genes but that face is almost wrinkle free and I didn't inherited any of it.

They all were pretty amazing bubbles blowers even the Miracle Bubbles lived up to their name landing on bushes, grass and even hair without popping. If you look closely at Lulu's giant bubble the whole porch is reflected in it twice, upside down on the right hand side and right side up on the left and the top mirrors the bottom, I'm in the dead middle standing on my own head. Crazy! I'm sure there's some scientific reason but just plain cool is a good enough reason for us until we get into it I'm sure during one of their school lessons later this year.

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  1. Blowing bubbles is a very fascinating past time, i love popping them too! I love all the photos especially of banana and peas,love the nicknames too!


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