Tuesday's Dream Decor: Old doors New chapter + Laundry rooms

The girls saying goodbye to the house & the 200 year old doors in the dining room.

Today we close the doors to not only a house but to a chapter in our lives full of joy and sorrow. I have turned the key for the last time and there will be many things I'll miss.... like the girls roller blading through the hallways, teaching them to cook in the awesome kitchen I designed, taking long walks at night through the neighborhood, the parties and having our cat indoors sleeping on the girl's beds snoring but for us not everything that happened there was wonderful so I'm glad to finally shut the door on all the bad memories and more forward to better things ahead.

And a perfect way to announce my Tuesday's Dream Decor series full of images I collected over the past 2 years of everything I love in home decor and design. Unfortunately the sources on all the Laundry Room images are unknown I collected them before blogging and knowing blog etiquette.

I might not cringe at the thought of folding clothes and stain removal if my laundry room looked like any of these.


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