Little Things Thursday

Yesterday I was thinking about all the stuff I post on my blog, the parties, activities and accomplishments when I realized although they are all great things to post about what would love to re-read most in the future since my kiddos seem to be growing at an alarming rates is all the little things they do that make me smile that day or wonder what planet are they from so I'm going to dedicate Thursdays to remembering those moments that slip from us so fast sometimes with photos and sometimes just a list.

1. Little E using a straw to drink her milk off her spoon while eating her cereal.

2. Lulu learning to bake cookies and make pizza from scratch.

3. Little E's first trip to the dentist that surprisingly went off without a hitch and then she said the funniest thing after wards "I'm not going to eat all day cause I want my teeth to stay clean like from the dentist."

4.The kiddos dancing to Bob Marley music with the ipig.

5. Buddy finding out it's harder to talk when you're missing two front teeth (but he looks adorable).

6. Sia cuddling up next to me on the couch without Little E fighting over it.

7. Our new washer and dryer a gift from their Grands in B-Lo, so Lulu can have the thing she misses the most.... soft towels!

8. Cotton Candy mustaches

Sometimes the simplest little things in life are the most important to remember.


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