Let's do Lunch!!!

I brought my Strawberry Shortcake lunch box to school everyday inside was a salami sandwich, crackers w/cheese and milk, I loved that lunch box, I loved Strawberry Shortcake and I no longer love salami. The Peas and I had a fun time looking at all the vintage lunch boxes and finding the ones I remember my friends using and most of all SS in all her glory. I wish they still make those metal boxes of awesomeness because picking out your lunch box was the best part of going to school.

There it is! SS and all her friends waiting to greet me for lunch everyday in elementary school.

 My sisters lunch box circa 1980's

 I need to find this Be Green Hello Kitty and of course the I love Root Beer one too!

The coolest one and truly the all American Lunch Box complete with state highway maps on the sides.

 I have no idea. Wee Pals???? Finally last but not least the great Yogi Bear and let's see that Strawberry Shortcake one again.

All lunch boxes on display at the Hangout in Gulf Shores, AL


  1. These are awesome! You have a great collection!

    Any tips on where to find vintage lunch boxes?

  2. How are these hung?


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