Lemonade + a Brother Anyone???

We had such a great time selling lemonade, cookies and brothers yesterday the weather was iffy like as in pouring rain and thunder all morning and by 11am the skies were still dark but what was I going to do with 3 gallons of hand squeezed Lemonade and 80 chocolate chip cookies? We had no choice it was Lemonade stand or bust and I give all the credit to the kiddos who managed to sell all the lemonade in the rain!

Lemonade and cookies weren't all some of them tried to sell.... We've had this tee for quite a while it was actually Lulu's and it a favorite in the house I wonder why?

View from the stand.
It was so nice of Fantasy Island Toys in Fairhope to allow kids to have a stand in front of their store, we couldn't of had more fun and the Peas learned so much about greeting people, helping them and who's the most generous in the tip jar. Tomorrow there will be a teenage girl trying to sell lemonade to raise money for going to college next year we hope she does just as good as we did!

We officially sold 46 cups of Lemonade, drank 5, ate 13 cookies, sold 15 and made $56 WOW that's all around awesome in my book.

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  1. thats a great opportunity, i hurray you people. hard work, the value of money, the humanity and generosity of folks when you ask. all good lessons...


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