Fun Photos for Friday

Every year I do a photo shoot with Little E for her birthday. She just loves having her picture taken, looking at the me edit them and picking her favorite. If she's not satisfied we re-shoot until she's done. So funny since the others could care less about having theirs taken. It's definitely the performer in her.

Usually I plan weeks in advance, get the props and make a morning of it but that just didn't happen this year. Instead it was more of an impromptu shoot, I was picking up the hula hoop her brother left in the living room and used the streamers we just got around to taking down from her party and headed out in the backyard, 5 minutes later we were done. I think she's just as cute as ever . But did they top last years? Probably not! How can you top an old white barn, pink cowgirl hat and balloons! Check them out here and this years here and let me know what you think. 


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