This boy/girl bedroom Rocks!

We moved into a 1970's ranch earlier this year that was much smaller than our previous home. I had the difficult task of combining the playroom, Buddy's room and his younger sister room into what was the previous owners old hobby room complete with orange linoleum tile floors and peg board! I was almost a deal breaker but I had to make it work and after a few days with help from my 6 year old boy I finally saw the potential for something quite special. He wanted a flag not just any flag but a giant 9 ft American flag hanging from wall to wall and I delivered, using a 1950's flag we already had, some rope from Home Depot and curtain ring clips the room started to come together.

Since it's a Rock N' Roll theme I turned the peg board into a display for his guitars, drums, hats and super hero shields we have already add another bongo drum to his collection. I would never had thought of using peg board in a bedroom had it not already been up and several of my friends are wanting to do the same for their son's rooms.
It's totally paintable with a sponge roller, it was an ugly orange and I used just some left over paint a combination of blue and gray that I mixed together.

 I downsized the Pottery Barn wall system to to units which hold most of the their toys and their is another closet to the right of it with filled with more. I was lucky this room had two separate closets.

The glow from the flag is just awesome!

The room is so fitting since they have always make up songs together and Buddy would sing Little E  to sleep when she was a baby our nickname for them a few years ago was Donny and Marie.

Bedding is from Land of Nod and PB Kids, guitar rug from PB Teen. I painted the giant guitar artwork, Letters (A&E) from Pottery Barn, wall system Pottery Barn Kids, blue chairs Land of Nod, red weathered wood bins PB Kids, tan rafia bins Target, vintage flag is from a local antique store, tall white bookshelf PB Kids, and the flag banner around the ceiling of the room is Land of Nod.


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