3:52 PM Monday

3:52PM Monday
 Wow she's still at it! 6 hours straight of cutting up construction paper to make paper families, they're really cute I must post about them soon.

 I laughed really hard when I opened Lulu's junk drawer in the livingroom, we've had a rash of burglaries in the house like the one yesterday. I won't give out any names but it's not a girl. Hint..Hint.

Oh and by the way Lulu said anyone's welcome to the 2 dollar bills she doesn't like them, they're old. 

The Peas are really liking the homemade bread (recipe here) and so would I if it didn't take over 4 hours just to get a loaf out of the oven, we ended up having it for breakfast poor kiddos couldn't wait for fresh bread or dinner at 9:45pm but the house smelled divine. I'm sure they had some delicious dreams and on the plus side look at the size of the piece of toast Sia had this morning! Yum!!!


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