Project: Reupholstering Day 1

Here it is my settee in all it's cream-ness, cat clawed legs and I can't forget the overwhelming smell of cigarette smoke, yuck! But if you look past all it problems I'm hoping to turn this garage sale find from a beast into a beauty.

Isn't that a beautiful detail on the back of the settee, I just love it! But underneath it's cream exterior was a 100 years of some really bad floral material. I think the official count of it's reupholstering history was 4 times.

It's going to get really ugly before it gets any better. I found this fabric at Hancock Fabrics on sale this week 40% off !!!!!!! It was a close match to my inspiration piece from the Anthropologie's Amelie Sofa fabric from a few years back. In the end I'm hoping to save close to $3000 for the same look, cross your fingers and wish me luck I have never attempting anything like this, ever!

 The end of Day ONE.


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