My little garden

I tried so hard to make my garden grow I planted in late March watering every day even giving them organic plant food and hand pollinating their little flowers with a q-tip since all our bees seemed to be away vacation. I read everything on the internet I could and was determined this year was going to be different even with a different yard and help from friends it was the little garden the could couldn't. My yellow squash bloomed 20 times over and nothing, my cauliflower grew 5 inches high then nothing, my cantaloupe tried but no flowers and as for the potato I had high hopes for them. They grew big and flowered and flowered the leaves grew bigger and bigger and then after three months started to die and from what I read that means time to harvest.. So in the pouring rain full of excitement I dug and dug and dug...... and dug......

The cat in my garden May 2011


And here's what I got. How can you not laugh, have you ever seen potatoes so small???  I grew not small potatoes, not baby sized potatoes but more like fairy sized potatoes. I think the kiddos are going to be a bit hungry after dinner tonight.


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