Day ?????? is it done yet?

 So it would stand to reason if you pull several hundred staples out you would need to put several hundred back in and since I'm not so handy on the electric staple gun several hundred has now turned into 900 and counting. I haven't even put the back fabric on  so another 500 should do if you add the half that end up laying all over the floor I think they call it skill or lack of. 

Using the Amelie sofa as inspiration (from Anthro) I needed to add some wood slats to the back so I could staple the material to make the double pillow look which adds so much more to depth and visual interest I'm loving it and even though I was a tad very apprehensive about my ability to pull it off  it looks fabulous and was relatively easy, just another row of staples. Cutting the wood to fit however is another story and my dream of being a furniture builder might just have to stay a dream, at least I didn't resort to duct tape but it was bad.

Our Den turned work area/no kids zone and staple mine field should be back to normal in a few, crossing my fingers there's still the double cording to make.


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