Paul Simon is Awwwwwwwwwesome!!

If I hadn't mentioned it enough I was at the Hangout Music Festival for three days part working and part enjoying myself. Last night was the BEST CONCERT EVER!!!!!!

Hangout Music Festival Gulf Shores, AL 2011

I started my work day with Ween, super cool, then headed across the beach to watch Michael Franti who puts on a show like no other if you've never heard or seen him catch some clips on youtube this was my second time seeing him in concert and that man loves, loves, loves everyone and everything and we love him too! So after Franti I had to camped out for Paul Simon, the photo pit was closed and so on, since this was something I put on my life's checklist there was no way I'd miss him playing in my own backyard and no way I'd be any further back than 2 heads front and center.
Paul Simon rocked the house he played every song I'd ever want to hear and more! Sound Of Silence, Call me Al, Kodachrome, Diamonds on the soles of her shoes and 5o ways to leave your lover. The concert also went on 45 minutes longer than scheduled and he played like he was there for us waving to the crowd, thank you! I swear we made eye contact and awesome doesn't even describe it. I took hundreds of photos and minutes of video with my camera, got back and realized video technology has surpasses me and I need to learn how to edit all my footage but I was able to capture Sound of Silence with my phone and post it for you!!!! 

Check out these video clips.

I especially loved the conversation behind me between to guys after the song "Hey did you sing during Sound of Silence?"  "No, well I tried not to, shoot I probably ruined someone's video."

 This was my own personal photo but you can check out more at

The concert was everything I'd hope and more, PS I love you.


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