Design on the Cheap(er): Bargain Drapes

I scoured the internet last night looking for striped silk drapes (curtains or what ever you may call them) I checked the usual Ebay then PB and Restoration H for sales I needed the cheapest priced on high quality, not an easy fete, the best I found was $85 at Overstock so after a couple hours I gave up and went to bed. 
This afternoon I needed to pick up some goodies at the market and on a whim I took the girls to the local Goodwill next store, we found a few cute little necklaces and cute Ella Moss shirt but not much until I glanced through the bedding section and came across the most gorgeous pair of 104" long lined silk drapes in the most perfect color for my dining room and even better they were $9.98 for the pair and really high quality they must have cost a small fortune to someone. I happily left the store having save hundreds of $$$$ and just over the moon, not only do they look fabulous but it's an eco-friendly way to decorate. In our house we love to follow the 4 R's reduce, reuse, recycle and replenish.
I wish sometimes that I could thank to people that donated such wonderful items and tell them how happy their generosity has made others.

It's hard to tell but the drapes have three colored stripes a muted green, golden yellow and cream.

I hung them as high as I could and even then they still make a pool of fabric on the ground just like I wanted , it gives the illusion of the ceilings appear taller since it's a 70's ranch the rooms can seem a bit claustrophobic at times.


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