Design on the cheap(er)

Yes, that's my family room and my $10 chair and it comes with a story that's almost to good to be true. Last Saturday the kiddos and I got up at 6am to head over to Publix Supermarket for their annual Easter Egghunt, all the kids have so much fun hunting for eggs in the aisle Buddy was extra happy to be in the soda isle and afterwards we shopped for our Easter dinner items and I got $20 from my account (which is something I never do) at the checkout and on a whim I said lets go visit some dear friends and neighbors from our first home but no one seem to be answering their doors at 8am on a Saturday and I don't blame them and as we drove away from our old street I noticed a sign for a yard sale, the day before I had wished to find 2 wingback chairs and look on Craigslist for hours with no luck , so I thought maybe I might find a pair of wingbacks to re-cover at a yard sale and off we went to follow the signs. I parked the car and to my amazement I saw two gorgeous chair but the home owners were sitting in them so I ask if the we for sale with hesitation and she relied yes! I'll sell them to you for $10 each but the couch is sold, still in shock over my good fortune I reached into my pocket and handed her that $20 bill, that magical $20 bill from earlier, right then I became the proud owner of 2 vintage 1950's chairs filled with 100% cotton and the coolest fabric that matched my decor perfectly, how can that be and on top of it all they drove the 15 miles to my house and delivered them… I heart yards sales.

 I collected all the furnishing over a period of 2 years and hope it looks like they've been together forever.
There are so many places to shop for awesome item at a discount my favs are Ebay, Craigslist, antique stores, yard sales and going out of business sales.


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