Food Fridays: Food Allergies

  Sorry for the longer than usual post but for some of us Food Allergies are a daily struggle reading labels, avoiding restaurants bring your own food to parties or just simply avoid eating outside of the home. I have been plague by food allergies for 20 years now as a kid  I ate everything and anything but by the time I was in high school I developed symptoms of asthma and panic attacks 4 years later while I was in college suffering repeat attacks I found out it was all food related and pretty much everything I eat I was allergic to soy, corn, peanut, peppers, banana, yellow #5(tartrazine) and onions, at the time I was growing my own onion very successfully in my garden, so it was a shock when I was told to eliminate all of these from my diet. After to years of adjustment to my dinner plate I was free of all my symptoms, no more trouble breathing, shortness of breathe, panic, rapid heart rate and waking up in a sweat and now some 14+ years later I no longer carry an emergency inhaler and worry about an attack except when I come across things like I did this morning making the kids pancakes we had two packages of mix I have eaten this kind on several occasions but like most with severe food allergies something tells you to look at the label anyways no matter how many times you've eaten it and to my surprise the two identical looking boxes had two different ingredient lists and and the one I had made contained soy flour! This is the one food I am most allergic to within minutes I could have been calling 911 or heading to the ER.

 #1 rule for food allergies is if you don't know 100% what's in it don't eat it!


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