Design on the cheap(er)

Yes, that's my family room and my $10 chair and it comes with a story that's almost to good to be true. Last Saturday the kiddos and I got up at 6am to head over to Publix Supermarket for their annual Easter Egghunt, all the kids have so much fun hunting for eggs in the aisle Buddy was extra happy to be in the soda isle and afterwards we shopped for our Easter dinner items and I got $20 from my account (which is something I never do) at the checkout and on a whim I said lets go visit some dear friends and neighbors from our first home but no one seem to be answering their doors at 8am on a Saturday and I don't blame them and as we drove away from our old street I noticed a sign for a yard sale, the day before I had wished to find 2 wingback chairs and look on Craigslist for hours with no luck , so I thought maybe I might find a pair of wingbacks to re-cover at a yard sale and off we went to follow the signs. I parked the car and to my amazement I saw two gorgeous chair but the home owners were sitting in them so I ask if the we for sale with hesitation and she relied yes! I'll sell them to you for $10 each but the couch is sold, still in shock over my good fortune I reached into my pocket and handed her that $20 bill, that magical $20 bill from earlier, right then I became the proud owner of 2 vintage 1950's chairs filled with 100% cotton and the coolest fabric that matched my decor perfectly, how can that be and on top of it all they drove the 15 miles to my house and delivered them… I heart yards sales.

 I collected all the furnishing over a period of 2 years and hope it looks like they've been together forever.
There are so many places to shop for awesome item at a discount my favs are Ebay, Craigslist, antique stores, yard sales and going out of business sales.

Wacky Wednesday's… Fashionista

I won't even try to explain this outfit or my child she has a love for all things and all colors and a way of expressing herself through clothes like no other and it brings a smile to my face every time. Who's to say leopard rainbow sox don't go with plaid madras shorts and a floral Mini Boden shirt?

I glanced out the window and had to snap this shot of her having fun on the backyard rope swing. 

FOOD FUN: Marshmallow chocolate bunnies

After getting up at 4:45am for sunrise service we spent the rest of our Easter morning making these fun candy creations.

I can't wait for the kiddos to eat them up!

We love Mother Earth

Earth Day 2011

Lulu-Pea had me close my eyes and not peek until she finished he earth Day message on the blackboard, the she told me how much she loves the Earth and enjoys recycling to make it a better place.

Buckets of Easter Joy!

My Buddy is nothing but a bucket full of trouble!

 Look at that determination on her face Little E was all about eggs this year and she manage to round up the most with a egg this year, way to go!

And well the Easter Bunny is not really a big attraction for the peas and this is as good as it gets to a photo with the guy in the big white velveteen suit, Little E screamed bloody murder when she saw him, I don't get her fear but she's no better with Santa.

Oil Spill 1 year Anniversary

Guy Fieri, Myself and Panini Pete
Gulf Shores, Alabama 2011
I had the pleasure of meeting Tv personality and Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri along with his friend Panini Pete a local Chef and all around great person while I was photographing the Supper on The sand in Gulf Shores,AL on Sunday to Celebrate the Gulf and mark the anniversary of the horrible BP Oil Spill disaster. May we cherish and appreciate what we have without another disaster like this.

Food Fridays: Marshmallow Rice Krispie Treat Eggs

What you'll need:
extra large plastic eggs(ours came with little people inside from Target).
1 box of rice krispies cereal
1 bag of mini marshmallows
1/4 stick of butter
one bag of small sized candy for inside the eggs (I used gummy bears)

**Recipe makes 10 eggs**

First wash the eggs and dry then prepare the rice krispie mixture as directed on the box if you don't have a recipe just pour the bag of marshmallows in to a large glass bowl and place in the microwave on high until they are all fluffy then melt the butter in a small bowl or cup and pour 3/4 of it on the marshmallows  then stir and add the box of Rice Krispies mix until well blended.

Then with the left over melted butter use a pastry brush to coat the inside of the eggs
 and fill the eggs with the marshmallow krispie mixture.

 Butter will help the mixture to not stick to your fingers and make it easier to press the crispies into the eggs and make sure to indent the centers to leave room for the candy filling. After filling the eggs press the two halves together firmly then remove the bottom half of the plastic egg then with your hand firmly press and mold the two halves until completely together and remove the other plastic egg half.

Place the rice kripsy treat eggs in the fridge until set and serve.

Wacky Wednesday's… That's My Boy

When your child asked why he was making all those faces and why out the 4 photos I took he looks like the wackiest kid in his class even his classmates are wondering what in the world is he thinking doing all I can say is I'm proud he's mine and one of the happiest child . He's a bit of a social butterfly with a personality to fit and has this weird love of all things American. (The Flag, Rock n Roll music and if you remember the post I did on Father's Day about him wanting to give George Washington a father's day present and cried for hours when I had to tell him The Father of our Country was well dead, and telling him it was 200+years ago just made him cry even harder.) He's My buddy and I love him.

1st Easter egg hunt of 2011

I Heart Food

I was sitting on the sofa watching tv with Little E last night she turns to me with her half eaten pretzel bits and says:

 "You make my heart super happy." 

I gave her the biggest hug and kiss. Sometimes the best gifts in life are those little unexpected moments.

Strawberry Crush

 We headed to the annual strawberry festival this weekend despite the unbearable heat the peas managed to have a great time eating bowls of strawberry shortcake, looking at vintage cars and riding on the antique tractors.

 I don't know what was more red the strawberries or our faces and if April's run of 80 + degrees temperatures is any prediction of what summers going to be like I better buy stock in ice cream and popsicles.

Food Fridays: Food Allergies

  Sorry for the longer than usual post but for some of us Food Allergies are a daily struggle reading labels, avoiding restaurants bring your own food to parties or just simply avoid eating outside of the home. I have been plague by food allergies for 20 years now as a kid  I ate everything and anything but by the time I was in high school I developed symptoms of asthma and panic attacks 4 years later while I was in college suffering repeat attacks I found out it was all food related and pretty much everything I eat I was allergic to soy, corn, peanut, peppers, banana, yellow #5(tartrazine) and onions, at the time I was growing my own onion very successfully in my garden, so it was a shock when I was told to eliminate all of these from my diet. After to years of adjustment to my dinner plate I was free of all my symptoms, no more trouble breathing, shortness of breathe, panic, rapid heart rate and waking up in a sweat and now some 14+ years later I no longer carry an emergency inhaler and worry about an attack except when I come across things like I did this morning making the kids pancakes we had two packages of mix I have eaten this kind on several occasions but like most with severe food allergies something tells you to look at the label anyways no matter how many times you've eaten it and to my surprise the two identical looking boxes had two different ingredient lists and and the one I had made contained soy flour! This is the one food I am most allergic to within minutes I could have been calling 911 or heading to the ER.

 #1 rule for food allergies is if you don't know 100% what's in it don't eat it!

Semi-Homemade Chair Cushions

I love how these turned out! They're a bit whimsical but everyone needs a little spice in life. I used a table runner from Pier One and cut it in 4 pieces which gave me 2 identical blue cushions and two orange cushions I then stitched up one end first inserted some 1 inch foam to give them their square shape and closed up the other end with a sewing machine and used some striped ribbon for ties the whole project cost under $40 for 4 cushions which was much cheap than ordering the chair cushion from Land of Nod we've had our chairs for 5 years now and can't say enough good things about them they've held up very well and now that they sit in the living room I needed them to blend jazz up the decor.

Handmade recycled paper beads

I posted so much on food this past week I thought I'd share a great and easy craft the Peas and I got our hands sticky over yesterday the local Library and now we're all about making paper beads with just a little glue and recycled magazine pages and a plastic straw in a matter of about an hour you'll roll your way to having a totally rad necklace. We also learned that in Africa the women and children make these to sell and trade to support their families. 

*Disclaimer* if you have a six year old boy his attention may wain and one beads on a straw and pretend shooting at your sisters is just as much fun.

I think it makes a great Mother's /Grandma's day gift or even a birthday present don't you?!

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