Food and friends

Can you believe what I found on my front step yesterday, gorgeous home grown greens and color basket of fruit  and thanks to one of my sweetest friends who gave me advice, brought me herbs and helped me start on my veggie garden, double thanks!

 Oh no! looks like we have a banana fingers around here.

 We made the best lettuce and spinach and I think some kale sandwiches for dinner unanimously approved with 5 thumbs up and followed by oranges for dessert. There's some happy and healthy tummies.

Now I'm off to meet Alton Brown at the Dauphin Island Gumbo cook-off this afternoon, how crazy of a foodie fan am I? We'll have to wait and see but I do consider him my chocolate chip cookie hero and who else can make people want to ferment cabbage under their kitchen and eat sauerkraut.


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