I have buoys!


Between the sniffling, sneezing, achy head, can't sleep because of the flu day I was able get a laugh in listening to my 4 and 6 year olds talk about buoys and babies. Here's how it went:

pea1: I don't see the buoys

pea2: I found your buoys

pea3: What where are Mommy's buoys?

pea4: I know where Mommy's buoys are there right there. (Little pea pointed to my chest it was too funny.)

pea4: I know what buoys are they feed babies and have milk.

pea3: Well I know where babies come from.

pea4: So do I!

peas3: Oh yea they come from Mommy's here. (He pointed to the lower back side)

pea4: No! They come from the tomach when Mommy's get fat below the buoys.

pea3: Well I know they come out all bloody.

And so we ended the coversation there and Buoys in their new home above the fridge.


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