Fun and Games


The day started out great with oatmeal a la mode for breakfast and ended pea2 reading to her brother in bed it was so sweet I'm so glad they realized it's better to be buddies than ememies.

Hmmm… looking a bit too happy like he wants to shoot the arrow at me instead of the target in this photo.

 The peas came up with this game on the chalkboard the other day and love it! They drew a chalk bullseye and take turns shooting the wooden bow and arrow sometimes it even sticks and I'm was quite impressed with the way pea1 incorporated teaching the little ones math by keeping track of who's winning on their S-E-A-L scoreboard.

Did I mention how much I love archery? I don't like killing things being a vegetarian for the past 23 years but ever since high school gym class I have loved the skill of shooting the arrow at the target or maybe it was just because there was a cute boy in the class or that I got an A+.


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