Stained Glass Crayon Window Panes

 Here's our latest craft project, it came about when I just couldn't bring myself to throw all those broken crayons away and I remembered making these way back in elementary school and how much I enjoyed hanging it in my bedroom window.

The girls are looking at their melted crayon stained glass panels and all the different colors.

 Okay what here's what you'll need: broken crayons, wax paper, an iron, glue scissors, string and construction paper.

 Place the broken/shredded crayons (make sure you peel the paper off the crayons) between two pieces of wax paper, then with a hot iron (I had mine on the highest setting) melt the crayons and let cool.
I tried using a towel between the iron and wax paper but found it just didn't melt as easily. After it's cool cut your pattern out of construction paper, you will need to do this with 2 pieces of paper held together, we did a butterfly, heart and peace sign. Then use the construction paper as a template and trace it out on the stained glass and cut it out just slightly small on the edges and placing it between the 2 pieces of cut out construction paper and gluing the outer edges together to make a window pane. Punch a hole at the top and hang with a string in your window.


  1. omg how fun does this look!! marking to do..

  2. Ok so im lost with the construction paper part and do you remove wax paper?

    1. Just trim the wax paper to fit your construction paper design, the wax paper will be sandwiched between the construction paper. Hope that helps.

  3. Should I dig out my old iron? (Does the crayon get on the iron without a towel in between?) This really does look like a fun project!

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