Happy Project Day: 3/365

Hay is for horses…

 Today was kind of a simple day we didn't make any plans or set out to break a worlds record. So after picking up pea #3 from school (yes he goes off to kindergarden every morning so I can have uninterrupted time to homeschool the 2 older girls) we set of to find some firefighter battling a brush fire that got out of hand, boys to watch like fire trucks and on the way back we pulled over to watch five beautiful cream colored horses eat hay, drink water and watch us watching them, the kids thought it was funny how they just kept staring at us, my kids love horses.
 Later on after eating dinner and baking cookies we went for a walk the stars we so bright , I even think we saw a planet my guess would be Venus and as we were walking to of the peas saw a shooting star and made a wish pea#2 won't tell but pea#4 told me she wish she could spend everyday of her life with me. How can you not be happy when you child's wish is to be with you. I'm also happy that after pea#4 fell walking with her hands in her pocket face first she somehow escaped from injury. The weird thing is I saw her fall and she seems to have not only no marks from hitting the pavement but no memory of the fall, it was as if the asphalt was padded by something or someone. I like to believe there's angels out there don't you?

pretty horses make us happy

Other things we are happy for today:
Pea#1 lost a tooth and the tooth fairy brought her a rock made of pink quartz and an anklet.
Pea #2 Momma Pea ate her broccoli and didn't make her sit at the table.
Pea#3 When Momma Pea carries him to bed.
Pea#4 Happy she found her ugly doll that was lost under her brothers bed.


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