Happy Project Day: 2

Our closet is your closet…

I don't want this happy project to revolve around food so even though making homemade ice cream or cotton candy would have made us all really happy I decided that today my peas 2 and 4 would help me go through the closets and bag up clothes to give not to a local charity but to a family or a friend who doesn't have the means to buy 30 shirts, 12 pants, 4 sets of pj's and 5 pairs of shoes for their child. Part of why it makes up happy to do this is because we don't have the money to buy a shirt full price a department store or even half price now like we once did. It's humbling to not be able to look down at others for having less it seems to for us the less we have the more we want to give especially the things we bought back when we never even had to look at what was in the bank before going shopping. So at the end of the day the kids don't mind giving away the designer pair of shoes they out grew to a friend even if we spent the morning shopping for $2 shirts. Our happiness can no longer be measured by what we wear or how much we spend.

Other things that made us happy today:
Pea #1 Playing at a friends house
Pea #2 working on Math with Mommy
Pea #3 eating cake
Pea #4 everything
Momma Pea making eating cashew-butter cookies and talking to a friend.


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