Happy Project Day: 1

I don't find myself to be a sad or depressed person but I also haven't felt lately that I am happy one either. So today as relaxed I on the sofa watching Goldie Hawn on Oprah talk about whether people are born happy or become happy I remembered how happy I was a child, my nickname in elementary school was smiley but that's the last thing I seem to do lately. I pondered what had happened to me for well a few seconds and instead I decided if I at least try to be happy I never will. So what better day than a Thursday to start and every day for the next year I will try my hardest to make sure my 4 swirled peas and I are HAPPY.

More Pizza Please…
Day 1: Our happiness activity today was taking the 4peas to an all you can eat pizza buffet. If that doesn't make kids happy I don't know what will. Three of the peas couldn't even remember going to a restaurant to eat and they were quite content with people bring them plates of pizza and refills of sprite even the waiter clearing the table as it filled up with empty plates put a smile on their faces. There was even a TV above our booth to top it off. We walked out of the restaurant with a few too many stomach aches but you know the good kind that nobody complains about. So they sucked on the after dinner mints as we strolled along the bay until the aches wore off and it turned out to be a perfect 1st happy afternoon.


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