Trick or Read

We had fun with our preliminary tricking at the D Library for Halloween Big Sis' #1 and #2 costumes are ready for treating , but Little E is waiting till the last minute again to decide which costume will make the cut for the big night this year and I really need to get around to cutting out those eye hole for our little winter ghost… there's only 27:07:23 left on the countdown to candy clock.

Wally World

Okay well it may not be a vacation or even at Wally World but boy did we have fun on their first Ferris Wheel ride this past weekend!

 I didn't know little E could scream so much…

and big sis finally braved the wheel and let go after the fourth time around! Fun Fun Fun!

Camping inhouse

blog and found this image of the best sleepover ever, I can't wait to recreate this for the kiddos maybe in a couple months when we're in the process of moving we can put the mattress in the living room for a night and roast marshmallows in the fireplace.


My four peas have been doing such a great job pitching in around the house and making sure we follow the 4 R's. It's been a year now since we started the one trash bag a month garbage challenge and it didn't turn out to be a challenge after all. We compost, we recycle and we buy less, it's so rewarding to look at our empty curb on garbage day while neighbors have 1-4 cans waiting for to head to the local landfill knowing we have been doing our part to make the Earth healthier.

I'm just so proud of them and for that they deserve a lollipop.

Another Happy Birthday!

To the most beautifully thoughtful and caring young girl, I can't believe it's been a decade since we brought you home ♡.

My Buddy turns 6!!!!!!

 Happy birthday to the sweetest boy

what an awesome hat you made in art class today

I hope you enjoyed the pineapple cream cupcakes

and playing with your new pal Tricker Treat

We love you!

Thomas and Friends

It's good to see you again Thomas
 I'm sorry you've been sitting on the shelf for the past 4 years collecting dust
and we almost sold you on ebay
who knew a little boy could get so frustrated over putting together wooden train tracks
but it's so good to be loved again.

This week's Blog lovin'

I traveled to Amsterdam years ago celebrating my 19th birthday wandering the streets, shopping at the farmers market and sleeping under the stars. I loved they way so many people there got around by bicycle and lived on house boats in the city it was such a wonderful place and great memories so thank you  Pia Jane Bijkerk for posting such beautiful images on you blog.

The $50 insect

Here's a little friend who joined us on the teeter-totter the other day, he tried to poke me in the eye when I got to close to take his photo, I don't think their nice or maybe I just look like lunch… their carnivorous insects you know.

For those of you who remember the old tale about it being illegal to kill a praying mantis, it turns out to be a hoax so since their closely related to the cockroach no one will be handing you a $50 fine if you step on one for trying to poke out you eye or something.

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