Homemade Cheese Crackers

Original Recipe
bake 8-15 minutes at 400 degrees

      This is the best cracker recipe ever. The taste like cheez-its but so much better especially without all the oil and orange coloring plus I use organic ingredients. I've changed the recipe slightly, I don't use cayenne pepper and I used molasses since it's really hard to find malt syrup and cut down the butter to 1 tablespoon and no shortening at all.

The tools you'll need to make the crackers:
  • heavy rolling bin to roll the dough out until it's see through
  • pizza cutter to lightly press lines into the dough so you can snap the crackers apart
  • fork to make dots all over the dough so it doesn't get puffy

The true test to whether you have a good recipe is how fast the kids eat them. It took mine less than 5 minutes or maybe I just have really hungry kids who have been none to eat styrofoam peanuts and fake fruit in a bowl.


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