Cheers! your 8 today.

My second born turns eight today! We had such an eventful weekend full of friends, parties and music I think were skipping the birthday drama altogether but some needed one on one cuddle time and a nice
tall glass of chocolate rice milk will take the cake. Happy Birthday to my sweet Sophia!

Whines and vines

I have not the slightest idea why my kids don't like grapes. I've never known 4 kids to hate them as much as mine so when I suggested we spend the day at the vineyard it created more whine than I think even the owner could handle, never the less another day of learning is a good day and the endless supply of ice cold juice kept them or should I say me from a total meltdown.

Calling all volunteers

The swirled peas gang had a run in with the Mommie police last week…
and quickly escaped into their getaway vehicle…
only to be captured and sentenced to life as volunteers for HOPE.

Homemade Cheese Crackers

Original Recipe
bake 8-15 minutes at 400 degrees

      This is the best cracker recipe ever. The taste like cheez-its but so much better especially without all the oil and orange coloring plus I use organic ingredients. I've changed the recipe slightly, I don't use cayenne pepper and I used molasses since it's really hard to find malt syrup and cut down the butter to 1 tablespoon and no shortening at all.

The tools you'll need to make the crackers:
  • heavy rolling bin to roll the dough out until it's see through
  • pizza cutter to lightly press lines into the dough so you can snap the crackers apart
  • fork to make dots all over the dough so it doesn't get puffy

The true test to whether you have a good recipe is how fast the kids eat them. It took mine less than 5 minutes or maybe I just have really hungry kids who have been none to eat styrofoam peanuts and fake fruit in a bowl.

Ice Cream = Quiet

Usually a noise car doesn't bother me a bit but not after a long day of working and shuttling the kiddos on top of a miles long list of errands to do. I have found my new secret weapon against the chaos vanilla ice cream + a Charlie and Lola video.  What a long and very hot summer it's been with endless trips to the ice cream shop so now that we're running out of clothes without stains , until I discover the solution to getting chocolate out, were just a vanilla cone family happy and content watching some british kids look for their dog named sizzles.

This week's Blog lovin'

I've been reading their blog for a few months the magazine if full of fun ideas, fun clothes and links to amazing people who make a living in the small business world creating things to make it a fun place for kids.

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Like every Mom out there I like to show off baby pictures. Well these may not be actual photos of my little ones but they were a labor of love for me. After 15 months my photography calendar is finally here! Stop by my other blog and read more about the adorable babies that grace the pages of the 2011 Special Delivery Calendar.
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