Handmade chalkboard

(Sophia and Lucy making drawing silly animals)
I finally finished talking about making the kids a chalkboard and did it! It was easier than I thought and cost less than $20. I always wanted to get one of those old schoolhouse chalkboards like my grandparent had in their basement so their 16 children could practice math and learned to write their ABC's. I have looked everywhere for one and finally came across a school chalkboard from the 1950's at an antique shop down the street but it was sold so I spent a good ten minutes looking it over and jotting down the supplies I would need to build one.
I needed:
masonite board which is now sold as Eucaboard and made from sustainable Eucalyptus,yeah!
oak or pine 3 inch boards for the border
chalkboard paint (comes in black or green , I already had both colors)
sandpaper to lightly scuff the surface of the Eucaboard to allow the paint to adhere
I used screws to attach the board to the frame on the back side.
and four screws through the frame on all for corners to attach to the wall.

The kids couldn't wait to draw all over it, even before I was able to hang it up.

(Lucy writing I love Mommy)
I am so glad to get it finish and perfect timing too now that Little E and her brother are hard at work learning to write their ABC's . We just love homeschooling and I can't get enough of watching them grow and learn, Lucy should be able to do some really big math problems on that board!


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