Happy Father's Day, George.

Here's how my morning conversation went:

me "Wy are you crying"

AP"cause Sophia said george washington is dead"

me "well he is"

AP "that's not fair i wanted to make him a fathers day present"

me "well he was the father of our country thats very nice of you"

AP  "why'd he die?"

me  "he got really old and died along time ago before you were born"

AP  "well now i'm not making anyone a card for fathers day, i just liked george washington"

me  "i'm sorry sweety, you can still make him a card and we'll send in to the president"

AP "well i'm still mad that george washington is dead"

My poor little guy has been crying all morning  on the couch his blanket over his head I guess death is really hard understand when you're only 5 even when happened over 200 years ago.

Happy Father's Day to all, even dead Presidents!


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