One of those days...again

Started of great, it was Mother's Day and I got to spend tons of time with my kids , we spent the afternoon rearranged the girls bedroom, I finally finished their mirror and we ate pancakes and pizza, yum.

Then I had to go to work no big deal usually but this time was different see I'm 35 and have never been to a bar/tavern and it turns out a trip to one could potentially lead to a trip to the ER. No , I didn't end up there but between the cigg smoke, the beer, and pepper coated crawfish all to which I have severe allergies and not to mention the the louder than loud music that could lead to hearing loss I had the ER on speed dial. So I can safely say I wont be missing out if I don't go to a bar again in the next 35 years of my life.

On my way home from work I didn't get any messages saying stop at the store on the way home we have a tp emergency so boy or should I say girl was I surprise when I found the last roll of tp floating in the potty and all I could do was laugh. Life is full of unknowns and new experiences and there's always something new floating in the toilet.


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