No, Aidan, There isn't a Fingernail fairy.

Here's a little story about the imagination of a 5 year old boy, it's starts when his finger was closed in the bedroom door by big sis which was followed by a whole lot of crying and the reality that his nail had met it's demise . Everyday he would talk about his finger, he watched as it turned from purple, then blue then black and he dreamt of what was going to happen to "little fingy"  when the nail finally off  he had it all planned out but forgot to tell me, so when "little fingy" finally lost it's nail he ran happily over to me to show off the new one and asked me to hold the one that fell off which I quickly tosses onto the gravel road as walked back to the car from soccer practice, so it was a surprise to me when he burst into tears and began frantically searching the ground for his nail as he cried the fingernail fairy was going to come! We search long and hard but couldn't find the nail, I was feeling like a really bad Mom and so his sisters and I decided to tell him there wasn't going to be a visit from the finger nail fairy since the idea of a fairy collecting dead finger nails was just simply gross and after a long discussion on the subject he accepted there was no fingernail fairy and no haircut fairy and no eyelash fairy, just the tooth fairy and I apologized for not asking before I threw it away.


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