I have the need to travel

in unusual ways........
DeRedding KDV Cargo Bike

You can bring every one along with this trike (kids, friends, fam ily pets, grand par ents, etc.). Made in the Nether lands (of course), the DeRed ding KDV fits up to 8 chil dren on its tan dem benches with a pro tec tion bar for each bench (like an amuse ment park ride, more con ve nient than indi vid ual seat belts).

These are often used instead of a bus by many schools and day care cen ters in Hol­land. Avail able world wide, though not cheap at €2950,

Tonke Campers

I am in love...

.Tonke Campers

Tonka Campers, cre ated by Dutch documentary film maker Maarten Van Soest (and named after Maarten’s daugh ter), offer a refresh ing take on dis pos able travel. They are obso lete already, in the best pos si ble way, and mature rather than date.

Eschew ing the typical molded plas tic and vinyl, they are hand-built in a village in the south of the Netherlands using tra di tional meth ods and mate ri als. Rus tic lux ury awaits on the inside, with pol ished mahogany fit tings, teak floors, porce lain sinks, chrome faucets and glass windows.

In as lit tle as 15 minutes, the camper unit can be removed from the vehicle, allowing for placement in a garden as a guest cot tage or inspi ra tional workplace.

Vintage, Very Small Carnival Circus Clown Bicycles, Trick Bikes from the Big Top of the 1930s.

H: 17½ in. *(Wheel Size: 8 in.)

$385 Each Onderwater Tandem

 Dutch Bike Co. Seattle imports a wide variety of beautiful European bikes,

precious cargo bike

and this is what I ride to the grocery store, work and what I'd bring my one daughter to school in before she decided to stay home and school with her siblings.

The Madsen bucket bike

I do wear a helmet just not for the photo. The bucket bike seats up to 4 kids on two benches and has seatbelts and 8 speeds, I've recently been looking into electrifying my Madsen since the kids don't seem to be getting any smaller. I have great love for this bicycle and the opportunity and freedom it has given me to be able to get back into cycling after having 4 kids.


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