Green Myth Monday: wk 2

Myth No. 1: Small changes don't matter.

One of your biggest weapons in the green movement is your own wallet. Recent numbers demonstrate that a few smarter buying decisions translate to big changes in the planet. One that's fairly easy: When you buy household paper goods (like paper towels, napkins, toilet paper and copy paper), look for products that use high percentages of recycled or post-consumer waste.

A lot of the major paper manufacturers are cutting virgin forests to make the items you use, says Jennifer Powers, spokeswoman for the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group. But some well-known green-label brands, like Seventh Generation and Whole Foods Market's 365 line, use recycled materials instead.

If everyone in the country elected to buy one package of 100 percent recycled napkins instead of the nonrecycled variety, that act alone would save 1 million trees, says Powers.  for more myths go here

Did you know? Americans could save more than 400,000 trees if each family bought a roll of recycled toilet paper—just once.

 TP info

Our family started buying the 100% recycled paper products like toilet paper and paper towels from Publix. I found them to be just as good as middle of the road brands though the toilet paper might not have aloe and the fancy quilting like others it is actually quite nice and beats using a leaf... if you've ever camped or spent time outdoors you know what I'm talking about.



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