Secrets Saturday #3


What happens when your 3 year old takes a black sharpie marker and draws a custom 3ftx6ft mural to the custom white cabinets? 

Well after the shock there was the panic when I look in every cupboard and realized I was out of Bon Ami for those who have never heard of this amazing 120 year old product I posted about it a back in January when the incident happened but have since realized when I re-tell the nightmarish permanent marker story no one I know has ever heard of Bon Ami cleaner.
 I love love love it and have used it since my high school architectural drawing class to remove ink from our drawing mat.

 It's a white powder like ajax in a sense but much kinder and eco-friendly and won't scratch any surface just be careful not to rub to hard on a painted surface or the paint will start to rub off. I also use it to get marks off the faces of American Girl dolls, scuffs of patent leather shoes, the dirt off toys, leather, sinks, toilets pretty much anything and everthing!

Yes that's me with the perfect smiles as I use their product and who would smile when using a product that can tackle a sharpie marker.

Here's a few more fun ads:

1946 Bon Ami #002011

1936 Bon Ami




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