Secrets Saturday #1

Want to know a secret about my kitchen sink? well so did I for 18 months I searched for an answer to my dilemma , my once beautiful rustic copper farmhouse sink was turning GREEN I tried everything I could to remove the hideous color over taking not only my sink but my love of copper.
 I started keeping the lights down to hide it's gross appearance and spend hours on the internet trying to find a cure abut there was nothing out there.
How can that be, no cure for the green? hadn't people been using copper sinks and tubs for hundreds of years? there must be a cure right? and when I was at my lowest about to give up on the sink and take out the copper cleaner until it shined like never before, it came to me.... 
Months before I had taken the butcher block wax from Williams-Sonoma(Beekeeper's gold) and rubbed on the sink , I noticed some green came off but thought nothing of it since I
wasn't going to use a $12 container of wax every other day on a sink .
Then it hit me about 11:53pm, I ran in the kitchen took out some regular beeswax and rubbed it on the sink but nothing happened.
So then I took mineral oil(the other ingredient in the Beekeeper's Gold) and began to rub it all over the sink , I had nothing to lose at this point and then heavens opened up , just kidding, but to my amazement the green rubbed off and kept coming off ......30 paper towels later my sink suddenly looked as good as the day it was installed.
I could believe my eyes when all the green came off.

  and the solution was an 89 cent bottle of Mineral Oil.

I am once again I'm in love with my sink!

Before photo with the green, ugh!

wiping with mineral oil

Finally a clean sink, so much better.

leave a comment if you have a Saturday Secret to share

SHHHHH!!! check back next week for secret #2

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  1. That's awesome! I love your sink, it really is beautiful! Can't wait for the next secret!


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