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This was the first week of soccer and it wasn't me crying in the parking watching my 5 year old boy play because I was laughing too hard.

AP has been watching his big sisters play for years and waiting for his turn and after an emotional break down over what shirt was cool enough for him wear we made our way to the soccer fields where he nervously walked over to his new coach said hi and then he began to run with the soccer ball as far as my eyes could see and I don't wear glasses and on his way back from circling the cosmos he fell and came to me asking why the stupid shin guards didn't keep his knees from hurting when he fell.

Once practice started the girls and I went to watch from the warm car like all good completely unprepared for the weather mothers would and here's where I saw AP take control of the soccer ball and ran the other direction with the whole team following his lead and it was from the car that we watched him fall face first and the coach pick the grass out from between his teeth my little warrior was a little shaken and afraid to get hurt again so we watched as AP would run half way down the field stop, start cheering and clapping for his teammates and jump up and down when they scored a goal on the opposite side of the field.

It was the cutest funniest thing I had ever seen and AP loved every minute of it! I can't wait for next weeks laugh session, I mean practice.

I didn't take any picture of AP playing soccer yet but here a few I found of some cute and funny animals playing.


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