socks required

I was wondering through thought as I made dinner today,
 what are the kids going to eat tomorrow while the babysitters here. 
why does the sitter keep putting socks on my kids, the heats set at 65 that plenty warm for us , well maybe she's cold. 
then I had a flashback to when I was 13......
I used to watch these 2 adorable children who lived across the street from us, their house was so cold I'd have to keep my jacket on and if they ask to hang it up for my I would sit on the couch freezing until they got back. 
I hated going over there for even an hour, I felt bad for those kids and wondered how they were able to they enjoy living in an igloo, it wasn't actually made of snow but growing up in Buffalo it was quite cold.
 I often wondered why they lived like that and thought maybe they couldn't afford to heat their house, I never once thought back in the 80's about a family being eco-friendly , maybe they were like us and were conserving energy to better the earth, maybe not.
 I will never know but now I'm wondering if maybe I should turn the heat up for the babysitter tomorrow.
 sometimes being eco-friendly isn't always to everyone.

Love these rainbow feet. (Toe-socks, not so much.)
image courtesy of good deed day


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