In Recovery.....

What does a blimp ride, a broken rib and a sharpie have in common?


The Sharpie: I am totally afraid of germs so it was not me who ran into the grocery store with 4 shoeless kids in state of panic trying to find cleanser after a child I will not admit at this moment is mine single handedly ruined $1200 worth of cabinetry with her artwork.

The Blimp: I was not me green as can be riding in that blimp yesterday trying not to revisit lunch infront of the sweet little girl who has gone through countless rounds of chemo and was having the time of her life.

The Broken Rib: So, it was me at the gym this morning in mis-matched clothes hogging the bicycle only because I think I fractured a rib again , not from choking on an Organic Paul Newman Fig Newton cookie or installing a carseat like the last 2 times, but leaning over the bedrail trying to put my child's head on her pillow so she could be more comfortable.

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