11 Sticky fingers

I asked sticky fingers to count her digits today...1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10...11!!!!!!!!! as she jumped excitedly up and down. I asked her what about #7?.... There it is, I found it! 
and your toes? 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11!!!!!
 She was so proud of herself I didn't have the heart to tell her she was wrong, everyone could use an extra finger now and then so I guess we'll just keep her 11 fingers and 11 toes a little while longer.

socks required

I was wondering through thought as I made dinner today,
 what are the kids going to eat tomorrow while the babysitters here. 
why does the sitter keep putting socks on my kids, the heats set at 65 that plenty warm for us , well maybe she's cold. 
then I had a flashback to when I was 13......
I used to watch these 2 adorable children who lived across the street from us, their house was so cold I'd have to keep my jacket on and if they ask to hang it up for my I would sit on the couch freezing until they got back. 
I hated going over there for even an hour, I felt bad for those kids and wondered how they were able to they enjoy living in an igloo, it wasn't actually made of snow but growing up in Buffalo it was quite cold.
 I often wondered why they lived like that and thought maybe they couldn't afford to heat their house, I never once thought back in the 80's about a family being eco-friendly , maybe they were like us and were conserving energy to better the earth, maybe not.
 I will never know but now I'm wondering if maybe I should turn the heat up for the babysitter tomorrow.
 sometimes being eco-friendly isn't always to everyone.

Love these rainbow feet. (Toe-socks, not so much.)
image courtesy of good deed day

Valentines Cupcake-pops and cupcake crafts!

This is the Valentines gift my sweet pea #2 made for her 1st grade teacher , it's a mosaic ceramic cupcake, it turned out just fabulous!

here's the very fun and very delicious Valentines inspired Cupcake-pops I made for the kiddies to give out to their friends.I hope they save me one!

For the how to on the cupcake-pops visit my cupcake blog here.

What's in a nickname?

This is sweet pea #4 she is three year old and quite the character and from the time she was 8 months old her  nickname has been "Sybil", not because it was one of my favorite movies that I would watch with my Grandmother every year when it came on TV, not because I wanted to be Sally Field when I was growing or I'd call her Gidget and not the fact that Sybil was a true story about a really bad Mother who causes her daughter to have over 20 different personalities, but that my sweet girl has the ability to tap into every emotion in a matter of seconds.  Here are a series of photos I took in a span of about 30 seconds.






I Love you.... Momy!

It's an exciting time for my us for this is Sophia's last week of public school now that she's decided to be home-schooled along with her big sister Lucy. So we've tried to have some fun this morning, well nothing really seems fun at 6:35 am waiting for the bus when it's 30 degrees outside except when the car is covered in a sheet of ice and we can write all over it.
Sophia wrote: Momy I love you and drew a picture of me.
All our artwork had melted away before the other kids even woke up, they were so jealous and asked if they could get up early and write on the car too, I can't wait to see if they'll really get up at 6am tomorrow.

To Mommy with Love...

I just love getting Valentines from my kids, they work so hard on them and they're always made from 100% pure LOVE what could be sweeter than this.

Emily playing with the valentine I got from Lucy.

from:Lucy (age 9)
free Kisses and hugs expered never

In Recovery.....

What does a blimp ride, a broken rib and a sharpie have in common?


The Sharpie: I am totally afraid of germs so it was not me who ran into the grocery store with 4 shoeless kids in state of panic trying to find cleanser after a child I will not admit at this moment is mine single handedly ruined $1200 worth of cabinetry with her artwork.

The Blimp: I was not me green as can be riding in that blimp yesterday trying not to revisit lunch infront of the sweet little girl who has gone through countless rounds of chemo and was having the time of her life.

The Broken Rib: So, it was me at the gym this morning in mis-matched clothes hogging the bicycle only because I think I fractured a rib again , not from choking on an Organic Paul Newman Fig Newton cookie or installing a carseat like the last 2 times, but leaning over the bedrail trying to put my child's head on her pillow so she could be more comfortable.

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