ER visit & braces by 9am , it must be Monday!

Monday is usually a day I love the start to my weekend a chance to do errand and get the house clean, not today for promptly at 1:24am  just an hour into Monday and 2 hours of sleep I was awaken by a Mom's worst fears "the sick child" as I kept thinking not my child, it's Monday, it's Mommy Day thoughts raced around. How did this happen? See when one of my kids gets sick it's never a runny nose or sore throat , it's usually a life threatening illness which requires extensive medical attention and when I put her to bed just a few hours ago there wasn't even a sniffle or cough a perfectly well child but a mere 4 hours we were out the door to the ER with a severe barking cough gasping for air, shaking and an hour later at the hospital her temp went from 98.1 to 104.2 the nurse was shocked she tried different thermometers but they all read over 104.  My child #2 was official sick but we still don't know with what but we were sent home and after 2 hours of sleep it was time for child #1 to get her braces, a glorious day, a day she has been dreaming about, who would all that special attention and now they have colored bands and get a goody bag that rivals the Oscars then followed by the after party at the local car dealer where they have a Gelato bar , we devoured the delectable Italian ice cream over a game of foosball and a ride around the dealership in a golf cart, oh what fun we had then back home to the reality that 1 sick child on Monday usually means 4 sick kids by Friday.

Read more about MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week."Not Me Mondays Here.

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  1. i think you need to wake up on tuesday and have a re do. we have a child who rarely gets sick but when she does it is from nothing to 104 and no one believes it when i say she was fine a couple of hours ago


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