23 days and counting...


There is so much garbage polluting the Earth that I have taken it upon myself to be our families "garbage monitor" or GM of our household. After 6 months of sorting garbage, composting and massive recycling effort from the whole crew our daily garbage has turned into not weekly but monthly for today marks day 23 and counting that the little 10 gallon kitchen trash bag is still not completely full and for those of you who think it must be really, really by now.... it doesn't since there is no organic waste in the kitchen garbage, the compost pile well that's a different story click here for more about our composting.

We mark the calendar for everyday we don't add to out City's landfill and it feels good to not see our garbage can lined up with the others at the curb every Monday and Thursday.

Neighbors and bloggers friends I'd love a to hear tips on how your family has reduce their household waste.


   Gross , Right!



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