who unplugged the ?????

Here is our ceiling fan or should I say airplane propeller. This fan is great, even on low it still makes your hair blow!

and sign I had made to hang in the kids bathroom reads:


 I'm so excited to talk about saving energy because now I get to brag a bit on my kids... each month they get so excited when the water and electric bill arrive, screaming HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH? The bill is conformation that all their hard work turning of the lights and fans, making sure not to leave the water running when they brush their teeth and unplugging the toast after they use it REALLY does make a difference!

Okay here's it is..... October's energy cost Total $166.04

The break down: Electric bill $112.34 and Water  Bill #1 $10.14(sprinkler system whether it's used or not) and Water bill #2 $43.56( for the house, sewer and trash pick-up). 

Lucy and Sophia have low wattage lamps hanging on their beds to read at night, before they use to leave the bathroom light on all night, only to have used it to read for an hour, a easy to reach reading light can save $$$

The uncomfortable part...

well not for me but Mr. M doesn't like it much.

I keep the air conditioner at 81-83 degrees , my theory is that if it's 96 outside 83 feels great! We got used to it after a few weeks , who needs to be fully dressed at home anyways? We also added extra cellulose insulation to the attic and caulked the exterior of the house, being a new house not much else was need.

Water conservation is key too. Bathe when necessary and flush if you must. The kids also wash their hands and brush their teeth at the same time to reduce the water use. The fun part of conserving water is when the sprinkler system turns ons it's time for the swimsuits, I'd hate to see all that water being used on just the grass.

We also have all Energy Star Appliances my favorite is the  Fisher and Paykel dishdrawers , we also the French door fridge in cabinet depths so it uses less energy and the LG front loader washer.

I won't use natural gas, where we live it's 50% more than most of the country, I guess we pay to look at oil rigs. If we had natural gas the monthly bill energy would be at least $100 dollars more.

Finally.... I had this awesome dream the other night, I dreamt we had solar panels installed on the roof, Oh a girl can dream can't she?


  1. I'm loving the ceiling fan. Can you tell me the brand and name? Thanks!

  2. I don't know the brand but it's from Home Depot.


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