Pedal Power!

Last night we got the call, NO SCHOOL!!!

Hurricane Ida moved into the Gulf of Mexico and was heading straight for us. I was happy we were going to be able to sleep in, but sad I wasn't going to be able to ride Sophia to school today on the Madsen today.

 I was thinking about IDA when alI sorts of thoughts started to fill me head, what if the power goes out? What will we eat ? Our pantry has only 3 cans of beans and 15 lbs of sugar, the fridge was empty too!. So I loaded up my reusable grocery bags in the back of the cargo bike and off I went to the supermarket before the rains came. The wind was blowing, a skirt might not have been the best choice with an impending hurricane looming, but I was glad to have arrived home only minutes before the first down pour.

Yea! The pantry's stocked and the kids are playing quietly, it won't last.


Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Here's a photo from our first trip on the Madsen Cargo Bike back in September after it arrived in the biggest box I've ever seen. Emily and Aidan are so cute singing songs as we ride through the neighborhood. A biking we will go.....( I do wear a helmet but it was off for the photo.)


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