Our holiday card is here!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving but after last year when I returned three hundred holiday cards from printing mishaps and I had to make sure I gave myself enough time to reorder, reorder and maybe reorder again. We use to get the cards printed from a few different companies but through cost saving measures these companies no longer print on heavy cards or used a glossy coat over the image resulting in a flimsy card that fell off our mantel and looked like I printed it at home. I want the cards to look better than Martha's, you know Ms. Stewart the unachievable measure of how my life should be and my house should look, well at least the kitchen, cupboards and my laundry room. Anyways here are the chosen images!!!

We send out different versions so family and friends can talk about how fabulous their card is and be jealous they didn't get the other one too. No really, I just loved them both and couldn't make a decision.



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