a composting we will go...

Lucy's helping clear the table after lunch, thank you sweetie.

I have the compost bin in easy reach for all the kids and they really seem to enjoy using it.

Our composting bucket is from World Market

It's so cute! I leave it sitting on the counter near the sink. the bin comes in white with a silver handle and lid with a charcoal filter.  It's emptied once or twice a week and the charcoal filter really works we never smell a thing . The bin is made out of ceramic so just toss in the dishwasher to clean.

Once our bin is full it's carried to the "pile" and using my jolly green giant fork I dig a hole to dump the food scraps and spoils in. The compost won't attract flies or give off noxious odors if the food is properly covered with a thick layer of grass clippings or leaves.

Yes, composting really is fun!!

I have the "pile" in the corner of the backyard, made from a bed of leaves surrounded by fallen branches and covered with grass clippings.

 It's so exciting to see all the worms hard at work turning our scraps into soil for our organic vegetable garden. 
who doesn't love FREE dirt!


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