The prince & the Princesses party

Can you guess what happens when you have a 3 year old and candles and long pretty hair? 
Let's just say ponytails are mandatory now when in the company of an open flame.
(Emily's fine and the hair has started to grow back)

   birthday crowns were made for all my princesses and mr. prince charming to make them feel special and loved. They wore them with such big smiles it was worth all the late nights and a special thanks to Stephanie at NieNie Dialogues for the wonderful idea!

10 hours in my kitchen baking up these wonderful delectable delights 

Oh! for our love of cupcakes.
 Stay tuned for the start of the 175 week cupcake odyssey , a new cupcake and recipe posted every Monday!

even the birthday party invites were had a cupcake theme.


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